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IT-HE Roleplaying Game Engine

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The False Messiah project

Power plant aboard an alien starship.

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The Flat demo

You have played this game for far too long, mortal: it's time to go to bed

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Running in Windows 95

In Windowed-mode. Fullscreen mode is much faster but looks just like the DOS version.

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Running in BeOS R4

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Running in Linux

Under RedHat 5.1 with the KDE window system.

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Running on a DEC Alpha

Under Windows NT

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The Resource Editor

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Previous Screenshots

18/05/03 - Starship power plant (TFM) - click here

08/11/01 - Hut, complete with doggie (TFM) - click here

05/11/99 - How many hours do you want to sleep? - click here

03/06/99 - Gunpowder kegs: naughty but nice - click here

20/01/99 - Attacking the other guy with plates and bottles - click here

27/10/98 - Conversation with Lord Sauron - click here

12/10/98 - The flat, with objects on tabletops - click here

04/09/98 - Fast light engine with new graphics - click here

01/07/98 - less buggy lightmask engine - click here

23/06/98 - buggy tilebased light engine - click here

18/05/98 - reloading - click here

08/05/98 - lots of knives - click here

07/04/98 - ultima 2112? sheesh.. - click here

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