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IT-HE Roleplaying Game Engine

The progress log is available here: WORKLOG (updated sporadically)

08-01-2006 - Release 9.3 is available.

These are the highlights of the new release, see the Status page for details:

19-04-2005 - Oops

Fixed download link for Windows build.

25-06-2004 - Release 9.2 is available.

Release 9.2 is a fixed version of 0.91. See 0.91 below for updates since 0.90.

31-05-2004 - Release 9.1 is available.

31-08-2003 - Release 9 is available.

Release 9 (0.90) started out as a minor update, but breaks package compatability with previous versions (.rar support is dropped).

These are the highlights (see the Status page for details):

29-08-2003 - Release 9 coming soon

IRE 0.90 is undergoing testing before release. It isn't directly backwards-compatible with 0.81, hence the version number jump.
There are various bugfixes and numerous enhancements to support the development version of 'Reign Of The Just'.

Some of the more important features are:

23-02-2003 - BeOS version re-uploaded

The BeOS version had a corrupted ZIP file. Fixed.

13-02-2003 - Updated datafile for IRE 0.81

An issue has been found with the Flat demo supplied with IRE 0.81.. there is no command console. Yes, this is glaringly obvious but was somehow overlooked in the rush to get Reign of the Just out of the door.

If this annoys, download the new 0.81a datafile from the downloads page.

22-01-2003 - Debian Package available

Alexandre Pineau has once again made a Debian package of the game. The editor is still not available yet, but there is a package for Reign of the Just.

You can obtain the packages from: Here

12-01-2003 - IRE 0.81 update for Linux

Thanks to the help of Michaelle Febvre, a new version of the Linux binary is available which should work on other distributions than just Mandrake.

A replacement has been uploaded but may take a while for the mirrors to sync. An update containing just the new executables is also available.

This is just a change in the way the program was linked, so there are no source updates, and this does not affect the Windows version.

10-01-2003 - IRE 0.81 source fix

A slight problem has emerged for people trying to recompile IRE with ALOGG.

IRE 0.81 was developed with a beta release of ALOGG 1.30. It seems that the interface has changed in the final ALOGG 1.30 release and compilation fails with the following error:

alsound.c: In function `StreamSong_start':
alsound.c:325: too few arguments to function `alogg_start_streaming_callbacks'
make: *** [alsound.o] Error 1
The fix is to add an extra NULL argument to the call in this line. I've added a small .zip to the download page containing a fixed version of the source file.

This does not affect any binary releases or people recompiling with FMOD.

31-12-2002 - Reign of the Just is released

The game IRE was invented for is finally released, albeit in demo form.
Reign of the Just - The False Messiah is available at it is not complete but should provide a good few hours of entertainment.

Binaries are available for Windows and Linux, approximately 10MB each.

29-12-2002 - Release 8.1 is released.

Release 8.1 (0.81) is a point update for the Reign of the Just project, which will be released imminently.

These are the highlights (see the Status page for details):

25-11-2002 - IRE 0.80 Updates

Bug reports from Debian-land have uncovered a few problems with the datafiles, so a fixed version of the file has been released.
The new version is 2230198 bytes long and has an extra changelog file, 'update1.txt'.

To make sure you get the new version, it is advisable to download from the Downloads page rather than the Sourceforge file releases, at least until the mirrors have had a chance to catch up.

Similarly, the Linux binary has a packaging error that prevented the editor from working, so a new file has been released too. This one is 1034277 bytes long.

21-11-2002 - Debian Package available

Alexandre Pineau has kindly made a Debian package of the game. Apparently the editor will be packaged at some future date once it has been made more FHS-compatible.

You can obtain the package from: Here

28-09-2002 - Release 8 is released.

Release 8 (0.80) contains a huge number of internal changes, and lots of feature enhancements for the Reign of the Just project. There are also a number of improvements visible in the demo, chiefly mouse support.

These are the highlights (see the Status page for details):

23-12-2001 - Release 7 now available!

Release 7 (0.7) is mainly an update of 0.68, but it does have several major enhancements. SEER is now gone completely and everything is handled by PEscript instead. Room blanking is vastly improved and there is support for multiple maps! Check the basement in the demo..

These are the highlights of 0.7:

11-08-2001 - New TFM screenshot

There is a new screenshot from The False Messiah, on the Screenshots page.

22-04-2001 - Game modules page has returned

There are now screenshots and notes about TFM and The Flat.
There is also a link to the original (1991) version of The Flat, for all you DCWorld nostalgics :-)

19-04-2001 - Release 6.8 Now available

Version 0.68 is now available for all platforms.

15-04-2001 - Release 6.8 News

Progress link points to proper place now.

The engine is ready, but the sample environment (The Flat) isn't.

Of late, most of the effort has gone into the new game and extensions that the engine needs to support it, rather than improving The Flat.

These are the highlights of 0.68:

13-01-2001 - Moved to Sourceforge

The project has been moved to Sourceforge.

Additionally, I have switched to the BSD license.

32-08-2000 - Release 6.5 Out Now

It is here.

The demo environment is rather untidy (to say the least) and there are still a few rough edges, but it should be MUCH better than R6, at least as far as the engine itself is concerned.

25-07-2000 - Release 6.5 News

I haven't updated this page for more than half a year, so this item is to explain why Release 6.5, which (barring MSVC) is hopefully on it's way, is so horribly, horribly late.

With luck and a following wind it should be released in a few weeks, with or without a Windows version of the binary. In the worst case scenario, Windows users will have to either make do with the DOS version, or compile it themselves.
If this happens, I will naturally post a Windows executable as soon as I have one to give.

The reasons it is late are as follows:

Massive Re-engineering

I rewrote an awful lot of tightly-knit code. Essentially I removed the ITG graphics library and SDL, replacing them with Allegro, which provides a uniform interface between DOS, Windows, BeOS and the Unices such as Linux.

What started out as an experiment rapidly got out of hand, eventually becoming mainstream code, as this change paid off by simplifying the code and making it somewhat more maintainable. The price was a small performance hit, since my graphics library was super-optimised for 16bpp and Allegro is far more generalised, and also it uncovered bugs in the code which had been previously hidden by the ITG for some reason.


An awful amount of time was spent tracing bugs that eventually turned out to be caused by SEER!

Re-writing the graphics subsystems added problems of it's own which needed to be hunted down and rectified.

Feature Creep

What started out as a bugfix revision of R6 rapidly turned into something else.

After a revelation while showering I implemented static lighting, which was scheduled for Release 7. It hasn't contributed that much to the delay, on the other hand it hasn't helped at all.

The 'new scripting language' took on a life of it's own. It was only supposed to be experimental in R6.5, instead it is nearly ready to take over from SEER, which I had initially considered to be so much of a pipedream it wasn't on the roadmap at all!
Instead, it is now driving some of the game's most critical modules.

Serious extensions have been made to the conversation engine allowing NPCs to remember conversations with specific individuals. It also allows you to make copies of the same character (such as a guard) and each one will have separate memories.

The file format of the MZ1 map files has been replaced with one that uses .WAD file structure (I kid you not) for easier expansion, as a side-effect you can theoretically repair damaged MZ1 files by loading them into DEU or another WADfile utility and thereby replace the damaged blocks with ones from a different version of the level.


I am waiting for Windows binaries. Mike, who maintains the port has been very busy lately and the new code has not been that amenable to a Win32 port owing to the fact that MSVC is a pot of shite.

I managed to compile it with the Introductory version of MSVC which I have, but it prevents you from distributing binaries, even LIBs and DLLs.. and this is currently holding up the project since that means recompiling the libraries, a hard job made worse by the IDE doing nasty things of it's own. I hope to eventually produce a makefile so that it can be rebuilt without all the buggering around that the IDE entails.

None of the libraries were intended for MSVC, which is subtly different from GCC used on all the other platforms. When I actually managed to make Windows binaries with MSVC-Intro, I discovered that they would freeze Windows totally (reset time!), so even if I do get a Windows binary to play with, it might still need a lot of very tricky/dangerous bughunting before it is suitable for public use.

Thankyou for your patience.

17-01-2000 - Version 0.061 for Windows released

This adds 4 new video modes to the Windows version.
If you have problems making it work, this should help

16-01-2000 - DEC Alpha port now available

The (highly experimental) binaries for the DEC Alpha (Windows NT) are now available!
The port was done by Mike Rich, who also ported it to Windows 95.

27-12-1999 - IRE Release 6 is now available

I hereby release the new version of IRE.
It features, among other things, the following:

-Detailed demo environment, with many Easter Eggs for you to discover.
-Linux and BeOS support for the editors
-Improved AI system with A-Star routefinding
-Advanced character tasking and scheduling
-Characters can now be male or female
-Balanced weight and health, improved status area
-Partial-invisibity (invisibility potion)
-Day and night
-Object animation can be random and animations can be spliced together
-Water that you can throw objects into and boats to cross it with
-Animating and scrolling map tiles (only sprites could animate before)
-Experimental support for sounds fading with distance
-PCX loader bugfixes (works with small images now)
-JPEG support (intended for backdrop images etc)
-Major overhaul of combat system, including guns and other ranged weapons
-Multicoloured font support
-Karma support
-Better fading
-User-definable calendar
-New black-and-white SVGA and MCGA video drivers for Riva-based cards in the DOS version
-A bank, featuring cashiers, ATMs, cashcards and the ability to deposit money
-More stable and many other bugfixes
For yea, this version does please me greatly.
Have fun.

IRE Release 6, coming soon

The DOS and Linux versions are ready. BeOS works but isn't wonderful.

The release is waiting on the Windows port.

15th November 1999

The history log works again.

5th November 1999

Here's some info about the next release, hopefully before Christmas.

11th Aug 1999

The downloadable documentation link was incorrect: fixed.

There is an error on the documentation of take_quantity() and add_quantity().
Documentation reads the parameters as:
(OBJECT *container, int quantity, char *type)

In fact it is

(OBJECT *container, char *type, int quantity)

30th Jun 1999

Source code for 0.5 is now available.

28th Jun 1999

Release 0.5 for Windows is now available.

The source is packaged for release but still needs testing with Visual C.

27th Jun 1999

Release 0.5 is now available for DOS, Linux and BeOS.
Win32 port will follow when I get a recompiled version back from the guy who's doing the port.

The source code for 0.05 will be released soon, hopefully tomorrow.
First I need to merge it with win32 source among other things..

11th Jun 1999

Uploaded documentation for 0.5.

0.5 itself is coming on nicely and should be ready very soon.

A win32 port by Michael Rich is in its early stages, but not yet complete and will almost certainly not make 0.5.

4th Jun 1999

Hopefully there will be a release of 0.5 in a few weeks, now with support for BeOS pentium Release 4.

There have been massive changes to the way the world is handled internally, and many additions to the world format.
It is however backwards-compatible with the older format.

The game now runs much faster. On a P75 it now runs like the last version did on a P200.

The conversation system has been completely rewritten and is now based on a simple language similar to HTML.
It is so flexible it can also be used to make books, run the help system and probably much more I haven't yet thought of.

Again, the demo is even richer and more interactive, now with money, simple theft detection and bombs.

Rooftops support is back and totally rewritten: you will need to delete your old .mz2 files.

17th Apr 1999

Release 0.41 had some bugs.

The Editor would crash (because it was compiled with -O6 and the optimiser went insane).
A recompiled version is now available.

There were very stupid bugs in the Linux source code
The X11 driver works by pure luck. A source patch is available.

28 Mar 1999

Release 0.41 is now available for Dos and Linux.

The program has not changed outwardly, but there have been massive internal changes to allow for the new Linux support.
The rewritten VRM system sees native GCC code replaced with interpreted SeeR-C so that the compiled scripts are compatible with Linux.
The VRM programming API has changed a bit as a result.
Fixed bugs with objects under doors, bags, translucency in 16bpp and the player being hurt too many times.

20 Jan 1999

Ok, I lied.

Release 0.4 is now available!

15 Jan 1999

Hopefully there will be a release of 0.4 in a few weeks.

The world structure has changed considerably and there have been slight changes to the file format of worlds.

The demo is richer and more interactive. Simple conversations are implemented and the editor can now work with objects inside containers.

The VRM system now requires gcc281, so you may need to upgrade to DJGPP 2.02 if you plan to edit scripts.

26 Nov 1998

Initial PUT onto web server.

Everything should be OK: Please let me know if you find any problems.

25 Nov 1998

Re-design of the web page to give a more sensible appearance than the cobbled-together mess on FORTUNECITY.

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