IRE - The False Messiah

IT-HE Roleplaying Game Engine


In a research project at a CERN accelerator facility, you are involved in an attempt to recreate the conditions at the dawn of the universe. A new accelerator is being tested, with ten times the power of anything before.

As the machine is activated, disaster strikes. A rift is created that stretches through the walls and into the control room before anyone can switch it off. Consumed by the rift, you are missing, presumed dead.

Landing with a bump in the middle of a church, you find yourself apparently stranded in the 13th century, but something is not right.
God appears before men, and there are remnants of a lost technological civilisation..


In Church

An experimental forest


This is the game that IRE was created for.
Development of TFM has been static until quite recently, as the engine had not evolved enough to be useful, so The Flat Re-Make was developed in the meantime, with TFM development confined to the writing and some artwork.

'The False Messiah', or TFM is the working title, not necessarily the final one.

At the moment there is no publicly-released demo for TFM, since I am keeping the story and plot events under wraps for now to prevent them from being spoiled ;-).
However, if you are interested in helping development, or you REALLY want to see the game in action, and don't care about plot spoilers, feel free to email me.

I could do with help in the following areas:

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